Hosea 4:6 - My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge


     In 2011, we were blessed with sponsors for 2 children to attend Bon Berger Christian Academy.  Complete with uniforms, shoes, yearly tuition, and all exams paid for.  That number has grown to over 80 children! We have over 130 children who are in need of sponsors yearly and with your support, each child will be able to enjoy the education they deserve.


     It is NEVER too late to help a family provide education. Parents pay monthly so even $30 a month helps a student. You will receive updates all year long on your student and their family and we work hard to build a connection with you and this family. You can also send photos, emails and gifts.


     School sponsorship of $300 for 1 full year of tuition, books, exams, shoes, and uniforms. 



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